How to Adjust Bolt Cutters

What You'll Need
Crescent wrench
Wet stone
Spray-able grease cleaner
Grease cleaner

Bolt cutters are used to cut materials that are very thick. They come in varied sizes and shapes and all these types have individualized functions. They minimize the risk that comes from using saws on chains or metal pipes and produce considerably less noise. Thus, this is one tool that all home owners should keep in their tools kit. Adjusting the bolt cutters for use is fairly simple and all you need to do is follow the simple steps described below.

Step 1 – Positioning the Bolt Cutter

All bolt cutters have a bolt known as eccentricity bolt on the head. It is usually the middle bolt near the handles joining area. It is this bolt that needs adjustment in order to provide the cutters with the needed tension. Place the cutter on their side. This will allow the hexagonal eccentricity bolt to face upwards.

Step 2 – Loosening the Eccentricity Bolt

Now, use a crescent wrench and loosen the bolt by rotating the wrench anti- clockwise. It is advised that the bolts not be removed completely. Just make sure that the bolt is loose enough to loosen the two halves of the cutter. Remember to not overstrain the bolts while handling them; otherwise the bolt threads get damaged. Work with bolts carefully to avoid any frustration.

Step 3 – Adjusting the Bolt Cutter

After the two halves have been loosened enough, place the paper between them. Start screwing the bolt clockwise until the cutters are at a point of pressing the paper. Once the bolt cutter has been adjusted, test it on the material that requires cutting. If the bolt cutter needs more adjustment, follow the steps mentioned above again. Use grease cleaner to clean the bolts if they are clogged with grim and grease. Not only will this help in proper adjustment but will also make the process easier.

Step 4 – Sharpening the Bolt Cutter Blades

Bolt cutters also perform poorly when their metal blades are not sharpened. Instead of replacing these blades, take the more convenient approach: use a wet stone to sharpen them by rubbing in the angle of the blade to ensure proper sharpening. Be sure to wear gloves while doing this in order to avoid injuries.

Step 5 – Tips and Advice

While doing all this make sure not to injure yourself since the cutters of the bolt cutter may be extremely sharp.  Handle the tools very carefully while adjusting it. Also, make sure that the bolt cutter has been adjusted as required before using it for cutting purposes since it gets quite irksome when the requirement of adjustment is felt during the cutting process. In case the bolts are stuck, use oil or grease to make them easier to remove. The use of gloves is recommended to avoid contact with grease and dirt that might be jammed in the bolts and to ensure proper grip on the wrench. Work on a stable worktable so as to ensure proper control over your work and wear a facemask while using the spray-able grease cleaner and hold the can 15 inches away from the bolts to ensure proper application.