How to Adjust Calcium Hardness in Your Hot Tub

What You'll Need
Test kit
Water hardness test strips
Calcium booster
Working gloves

Controlling calcium hardness helps maintain and assure proper water quality in hot tubs. Allowed parameters lie in the range between 80-200 PPM for hot tubs and spas. The benefit of having correct levels is that it prevents corrosion and keeps water clear. Simple water analysis can be used to adjust calcium hardness.

Step 1 – Test Water in Hot Tub

If the level is too low or too high from the recommended figure, then adjustment can be done appropriately. Use a test strip reader to get the level of water’s calcium hardness.

Step 2 – Decrease Calcium Hardness

If the reading is above 200 PPM, correct the problem by lowering calcium hardness. Water softener can be used, such as calcium treatment products. Another idea is to empty the tub and fill it with soft water. It is important to maintain water’s pH, as it controls the hardness.

Step 3 – Increase Calcium Hardness

To raise calcium hardness, add appropriate quantities of calcium booster in liquid or granular. The amount to add depends on the size and the quantity of water in the tub.