How to Adjust Garage Door Hinges

What You'll Need
Wood filler

Over time, garage door hinges will need adjusting just like all hinges. It’s not a complex procedure and can be carried out with some simple tools and some basic DIY knowledge.

Step 1 - Assess the Problem

Usually the reason the garage door hinges will need to be adjusted is because they sit either below or above the wood in the jamb; they should be level with it.

Step 2 - Below the Jamb

Where the garage door hinge sits below the level of the door jamb, loosen the screws on the hinge and insert thin wooden shims between them. Be careful to ensure that they are thin, however. After this, screw the screws back down so that the hinge is flush with the door jamb.

Step 3 - Above the Jamb

Where the level of the hinge is higher than the jamb, remove all the screw and take off the door. With a hammer and chisel, very carefully shave off wood in the hinge area. It’s vital not to take off too much, so keep checking the hinge. Put wood filler in the screw holes and allow to dry, then screw the hinges back in place. They should now sit flush with the jamb to complete the adjustment.