How to Adjust Garage Door Springs

If your garage is not closing properly, you should try to adjust the garage door springs. However, be clear about what type of garage springs you are adjusting, side-mounted or torsion springs. Also, wear clothing that protects sensitive areas of the body because if you let go of a spring or cable and it comes at you, it could hurt you, so wearing extra padding is helpful!

Tips for Adjusting Side-Mounted Springs

Release the tension on the springs by opening your garage door all the way and securing it in place with a C-Clamp. Then, disconnect any existing safety cables and remove them away from the door springs. One end of the spring is connected to the garage door track or frame; the other is attached to a pulley connected to the cable. Detach the old spring from both ends and replace it with the new one (and replace the pulleys as well if they are worn out). Adjust the spring into the proper position and make sure your garage door closes all of the way. If it doesn’t, you may need to loosen the cable.

Tips for Adjusting Torsion Springs

See a professional. Working with torsion springs can be extremely dangerous if you do not have experience in this field. You do not want to get hurt, and there are plenty of trained individuals who can help you out.