How to Adjust Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors are the most common forms of shower doors in the United States. They are typically hard-wearing and require little maintenance, although from time to time they can develop stiffness, and may also be less well-fitting. If this occurs, you can easily fix it by adjusting the hinged shower doors so that they perform their role as though they were new doors.

Adjusting the Doors

The first thing that should be ascertained is that the doors can actually be fixed, as some damage will call for total replacement. If the problem has simply been building up over time (rather than being caused by sudden damage), it should be possible to adjust your shower doors.

Check to see where the shower doors are sticking. Fix any loose screws on the hinge attached to the walls, and then unscrew the other side from the door. Remove the door and clean all of the screws.

You can move the upper hinge so that the door is swinging a little higher in the gap, and you can also fix the hinge to the shower door a little further down, so that it flows freely. Make sure that the hinge itself is free of adhesives and caulk and use a little WD-40 on the joint to help it move. The door should now be fixed.