How to Adjust Sliding Patio Doors How to Adjust Sliding Patio Doors

What You'll Need
Phillips screw driver
Paste wax
Vacuum cleaner
Broom or dust brush

Few things in life can be more annoying than sliding patio doors that stick. By following a few simple steps, you can get your patio doors to slide freely and smoothly.

Step 1 – Inspect the Sliding Door and Track

To begin, inspect the sliding patio door to see what may be causing it to stick and not slide freely. Sometimes, the track that the door slides on may simply be dirty and just need to be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, broom or dust brush.

Step 2 – Adjust or Replace the Bottom Track Wheel

In most cases, all that may be required is a quick adjustment of the bottom track wheel. Most sliding doors will have a small Phillips screw near the bottom of the front edge of the door. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to screw the track wheel adjustment screw in or out as needed so that the door slides freely.

If the adjustments still don’t allow the sliding door to move freely, you may need to completely remove the door so you can replace the worn out bottom track wheels. To remove the door, simply push it up into the upper track and swing the bottom away from the lower track. Be sure to have someone help you when you do this as sliding doors tend to be heavy and may be awkward for one person to handle.

Step 3 – Apply Paste Wax on the Door Tracks

After you’ve adjusted or replaced the bottom track wheel and cleaned the sliding door tracks, be sure to apply a light coat of paste wax. This will help allow the door to not only slide more freely, but actually glide smoothly requiring less effort and strain to open or close.

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