How to Adjust Sliding Shower Doors

Over a period of time, sliding shower doors will get stuck and will require some adjustment. If you wait too long to fix the problem, you can cause permanent damage to the door and the track it slides on. Evaluate the problem with your sliding doors. Adjusting a shower door fixes common problems.

Step 1: Check the Rollers

First check the top track and be sure that the rollers of both sliding shower doors are on the track. One roller will sometimes slip off of the track causing the bottom of the door to rub against the bottom track. If this is the case, then all you need to do to fix the problem is simply lift the door and guide its rollers back on track.

Step 2: Remove the Guides

If the rollers are still on the track but the doors still do not slide smoothly then you may need to remove the sliding shower door to adjust and possibly replace the rollers. Most doors have a small plastic guide in the middle of the lower track. Just remove a single screw to access and remove the small plastic guide. Other doors are attached to the guide track.

Step 3: Lubricate the Rollers

After removal of the guide, remove the sliding shower doors from the tracks. Now test the rollers to see if they roll smoothly. If not, you may apply a silicone spray lubricant. Make sure the lubricant is not harmful to plastics. Providing that the lubricant does not work and your sliding shower doors are still stuck then you will need to replace the rollers on the shower door.

Step 4: Replace the Rollers

Hardware stores and DIY stores tend to sell replacement rollers at about $3, per pair. When shopping for replacement rollers, take the old rollers with you so you know what to get. Make sure the edges of the old rollers and the replacement rollers match. You may be able to replace the old rollers with rollers that are either slightly larger or slightly smaller.

Providing you have to replace the rollers of the door, you want to screw in the new rollers and place the doors back on the track. You may have to remove the doors more than once so that you can adjust and place the doors on the track properly.

Step 5: Check the alignment

Suppose your sliding shower doors are on track, the rollers work just fine and the doors slide but they don’t close all the way. When the doors are closed they are supposed to come in contact with every rubber stopper and vertically align with the side molding. If not, then the doors could possibly lift out of the track. You can make adjustments depending on the design of your shower doors. If your doors have multiple holes for each roller then you can adjust them by placing the roller in a different hole.

When you make adjustments to the sliding shower doors, make sure you adjust them to the closed position. Be sure to keep the tracks of your sliding shower doors clean and free of debris.