How to Adjust Swivel Desk Chairs

Your office may be equipped with swivel desk chairs that are comfortable and efficient to use in the workplace. It is important that you know how to adjust your chair properly. Follow the simple steps below to effectively adjust your desk chair so that it fits your body. Since each chair has adjustment knobs and levers in different locations, consult the instructions that came with the packaging to identify the corresponding components.

Step 1 - Align Your Back

You must first make sure that your back is aligned with the backrest of the chair. This not only promotes comfort as you sit, but proper posture for your spine as well.

Step 2 - Position Your Feet

You feet must be placed flat on the floor. Your legs must form a 90 degree angle with the chair.

Step 3 - Adjust the Height

Use the lever (probably near the bottom of your seat) to adjust the height. Your feet must stay comfortably flat on the floor, and your back must feel comfortable on the backrest.

Step 4 - Lock the Position

Pull on the lever in order to lock your desired position in place. This will make the chair stay in that adjustment. Ensure that all parts feel comfortable, including armrests and any reclining positions.