How to Adjust the Gears on Your Go Kart Engine

What You'll Need
Go Kart building kit (comprising ratchet set, nose pilers, wrenches)
Chain drive
Nuts, bolts and washers in various sizes

Adjusting the gears of your go kart engine will improve your control and maneuverability of the cart. Having the gears in properly  adjusted  is critical in transmitting the power from the engine crankshaft to the rear wheels. To adjust the gears on the go kart engine you will need to align the various components, especially the chain which holds the gears together.

Step 1 – Adjusting the Go Kart

Mounting the seat first. This is because once the engine and other gears are mounted it is difficult to fix the seat on the go kart. After mounting the seat fix the engine with clutches and sprocket installed on it. Align all the other tools (not the finishing components like the fuel tank, body) on to your go kart. Remember, that the chain should not be tightened at this point.

Step 2 – Tighten Chain to Desired Level

Next install the desired sprocket on the axle and put the chain on it such that it will hold together the clutch and axle sprockets. Now adjust the engine till the chain has been tightened appropriately. It is this factor which determines the gear adjustment. If the chain is too tight, it may cause resistance to the speed of the Go Kart, whereas if adjusted loosely, the chain may fall down during racing which again may cause hindrance to your Go Kart speed. Once the gears have been adjusted proceed with the mounting of the finishing components. Please remember that adjusting the gears on the engine is also determined by the gear ratio. It is nothing but the ratio of number of teeth on the rear sprocket of Go Kart divided by the number of teeth on the clutch gear on your go kart engine. This ratio determines the number of inches a kart will travel per each revolution of engine.

Gear adjustment is among the critical elements in the go kart building activity. Gears determine how your go kart will run in different tracks. You can excel in this once you have tried it and find out for yourself. Have fun racing!