How to Adjust the Spray Pattern of Sprinkler Heads

Lawn sprinkling systems whose spray patterns are not adjusted properly can waste expensive water by spraying water on sidewalks, driveways and even streets. Some sprinkler heads can be purchased to provide the desired spray pattern. Some types can be adjusted manually. Here are two methods of adjusting your sprinkler head pattern.

Things you'll need:

  • Adjustable pliers
  • Screwdriver


1 - Impact Sprinkler Heads

You can purchase various types of impact sprinkler heads on which you can adjust the sprinkling pattern. Some of these heads can be attached to a garden hose, others can be attached to sprinkler system pipes. To adjust these sprinkler heads, turn on the water to the sprinkler head, observe the sprinkler pattern as the sprinkler head turns, then adjust the adjustment pin on the sprinkler head until the sprinkler pattern covers the needed area.

2. – Pop Up Sprinkler Heads

Spray patterns for most pop up sprinkler heads are fixed. You choose the pattern you want when you purchase the sprinkler head. When purchasing your head, look for the right spray pattern as it is displayed on the sprinkler head description. You can adjust the spray direction of these heads by turning the head. Or, adjust volume of spray by turning the slotted screw on top of the head.