How to Adjust the Temperature Range on Your Furnace Thermostat

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What You'll Need
Furnace Thermostat Manual
Flat Screwdriver
Maintenance Phone Number

If you are wondering how to adjust the temperature range on your furnace thermostat, here you will find some easy steps to set the level you desire. There are a lot of models to cover, so you check for useful tips on how to do this with older and advanced thermostats. Always seek professional assistance if there are problems with your furnace.

Step 1- Quick Introduction to Furnace Thermostat

Before setting any temperature range on the furnace thermostat, you might want to know what the warming and cooling functions are. With this device, you regulate the temperature to the level that is most comfortable for you. The regulation can be done automatically or manually. Thermostats are not the same for each brand. They have different types of constructions and sensors. It is very useful to have a manual on hand or to ask the company to send it to you via email.

Step 2- Adjust Temperature Range With Analog Furnace Thermostat

Analog thermostats are older types that most people are familiar with. They are very simple and easy to recognize. A common example is the very well known mercury switch thermostat, with its classic round shape. This is a non-programmable switch. You will have to regulate it manually each time you want to adjust the temperature. On the switch you can clearly see the numbers indicating the temperature you can choose. Just gently turn it to the most comfortable position.

Step 3 - Adjust Temperature With Mechanical Contact Furnace Thermostat

In addition to the manual models, you may also recognize a mechanical thermostat in your home. An example of these models is the White Rodgers device. In this case, the heat anticipator does the job of regulating the time and temperature. If you remove the cover, you will see the disc-shaped heat anticipator. You will also see the adjustment arm. Moving it will regulate the time and temperature according to the references indicated inside. You will have to test in what position you feel it works better. Allow a trial period of two to three hours every time you change it. Waiting for a shorter period of time will only give you half of the effect of the adjustment.

Step 4 - Adjust Temperature With Furnace Digital Thermostat, Non-Programmable

Technology has advanced with digital devices. These are by far the most useful in your home. They grant you easy access and a clear button display. The electronic control is definitely more accurate with this device. To regulate the temperature, in most products, you will see two buttons to either increase or reduce the temperature. The numbers will be displayed on a little screen. You can also check the fan and the heat options depending on the model you have installed.

Step 5 - Adjust Temperature With Furnace Digital Thermostat, Programmable

The last type of thermostat to cover is the most advanced device. You can set the times you want it to work during the day. This can be set for more than one change of temperature in a day. The temperature schedule is totally customizable. Open the cover and you will see the instructions for how to set the thermostat. Use the navigation buttons to input the commands you want. Once all the information has been entered, press the "confirm," or, "enter" option and it will begin working.