How to Adjust Your Roller Window Shades

Roller window shades can be adjusted by pulling on the bottom of the shade in order to run the shade up and down your window. Roller window shades are easy to adjust and are not very complicated to operate or use. They are also easy to install, since all they require is a couple of brackets to be placed in the window before being popped into position. The roller, which is the area that the shade retreats into, is like a projection screen that is activated when the shade is pulled on from the bottom.

Avoid Telescoping the Roller Window Shade

When pulling on the roller window shade to adjust it you should pull from the middle of the shade, as oppose to the side. Pulling from the side sometimes causes the shade to telescope, a condition where part of the roller window shade retracts into the roller while the other part remains lower. When his occurs you have an awkward slanting shade. This can be adjusted by pulling on the opposite side to retract it into the roller. Ultimately, it is best to pull the shade back out when it telescopes to reset the roller, and pull it back up to straighten it out completely.