How To Adjust Your Thermostat

For most of us, adjusting the thermostat means simply moving the sliding dial on the top or side. In fact, that slide control relies on the thermostat being properly adjusted. The process is not a difficult one, and most HVAC experts say that you should adjust the thermostat at least once a year.

Identifying the Adjustments
To adjust the thermostat, remove the face of the thermostat. You will see a couple of controls, usually adjusted using a very small flathead screwdriver. One looks somewhat like a coiled of metal, this sets the thermostat to match the current room temperature. The other one is either a sliding control, or a screw with gradient marks around it. This adjustment controls the frequency and length of operating time for the heater unit.

Fine Tuning Your HVAC
To adjust the ambient temperature control, you will need a digital thermometer. Simply adjust the setting until the temperature for the thermostat measures the actual room temperature. The other setting may take a few adjustments to get right, but essential amounts to increasing the setting to keep the heater operating longer, and decreasing to have the heater come on less frequently. Make small adjustments, and then wait to see how well the new setting works out. Repeat the adjustment as needed.