How to Age Motorcycle Boots How to Age Motorcycle Boots

What You'll Need
Pair of leather motorcycle boots
Fine-grit sandpaper
Steel wool
Leather dye
Black spray paint

Learning to age motorcycle boots is a fun process that yields authentic results. Aged leather is a classic look that has been around for decades. This article will help you design your own aged leather motorcycle boots. You will need to choose the boots you wish to age. Any type of boot will work as long as it is made of real leather. Imitation leather will not hold up well during the aging process.

Step 1 - Use the Steel Wool

First, you will want to scrub the leather with the steel wool. It does not matter if the scrubbing does not look perfect, the purpose is to make it look at those it has been naturally aged with normal wear and tear. You will also want to make sure that you do not scrub too deeply into the leather. Take the steel wool and scrub lightly on the leather surface. Begin with a 1-inch section on the boot and work your way around. You may wish to rub away at the leather a little more around the toes and heels of the boot as this is where the boot would naturally age with wear.

Step 2 - Sand to Distress the Leather

Next, you will want to sand down the boots to make a smooth surface. Make sure that you do not sand too hard. The point is to distress the leather, not to take it off completely. Make sure that you have sanded the leather down until is it mostly smooth. Again, you may want to sand the areas around the toes and heels a little more than other places on the boot for a naturally aged and worn look.

Step 3 - Apply Leather Dye

Next, using a soft cloth, apply the the leather dye to the boots. You will want to make sure that you choose a dye color that is similar to the original color of the leather. You will want to start by putting a small amount of dye on the cloth and applying to a 2 square inch section of the boot at a time. Make sure that you work fast as some dyes have a tendency to dry quickly. Once you have completed this step, make sure to let the boots dry for 24 hours before moving on.

Step 4 - Apply Spray Paint

Once the leather dye has dried, you will need to lightly coat the boots with black spray paint. You will want to hold the can about 8 or 10 inches away from the boot and spray lightly in small spurts. Make sure hat you coat each boot evenly with a light coat of spray paint. Don't worry if it is not perfect. That will only help the boots look more unique and authentic.

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