How to Air Seal Basement Storage Containers

What You'll Need
Basement storage container
Vacu-lock liner
Vacuum device
Duct tape
Amble basement space

Using basement storage to store items which are seldom used frees valuable living space while allowing you to access the items when you need them. Items stored in these basement storage units includes clothes, books, and photos to old crockery and even furniture.

If you wish to preserve the things that you are keeping in these storage, then the best idea is to air seal your holders so that the items inside can be preserved longer.

You can hire a professional to air seal your basement storage containers, or you can try to do it yourself if you feel confident about applying the seal. Follow these simple rules to do this job to the best of your ability.

Step 1 - Put Your Liner in the Container

You can purchase a vacu-lock air seal device from any home improvement store. These devices look a little like plastic bags, and they are designed to hold items in an air-tight way, thus preserving them longer.

Once you have a liner, place it inside your container and ensure that it is completely unfolded. Use duct tape to attach it to the bottom of the container.

Step 2 - Put Items in the Container

Now you need to put all of the items that you wish to store in the basement into the container. Nothing you pack should have sharp edges, so take care to wrap anything with corners or hard angles. Placing these items in plastic bags and covering the corners should be enough to prevent it from piercing the bag.

Step 3 - Make the Container Air Tight

Once the container is as full as you would like, take your vacuum and place the vacu-lock bag's opening into the nozzle of the vacuum. Ensuring that nothing small is sucked up, remove out the air, then seal the bag below the opening before you remove it from the hose.

Some varieties of vacu-lock have openings along the side of the bag so that you can seal parts of the bag before others are filled. Either type of seal will be perfect for a basement storage container.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

When the bag is sealed, you should place a layer of duct tape over the very end, and stick it to the inside wall of the container. Doing so helps locate the opening easily if you ever want to take anything out of storage.

Place the lid over the container and seal it with more duct tape. Position the storage container anywhere in the basement that you would like.