How to Align a Tile Threshold

When transitioning from a tile floor to another flooring material in a doorway, the tile threshold is very important. It should look natural and the lines of the two surfaces should flow evenly, and not appear chopped up or abrupt. The tile threshold will need to be aligned with carpeting, hardwood or laminate flooring. There are a number of choices for the threshold material: marble, wood and metal, as well as many custom designs and widths.


It is quite common in home-remodeling projects to have a change in elevation from the floor in one room to the floor in another room. Therefore, it is necessary to take accurate measurements before beginning the project. An elevation change means you may need a reducer or stair nose threshold. If the change is large enough, and you are using a wood threshold, someone could hit the wood with a shoe and split the wood. One edge could need to be beveled.


Once you have taken your measurements, it is best to align the threshold with the door closed. This creates a natural look, so that when the door is closed you don’t see the tile floor. You will probably need to cut the threshold.