How to Align Your Band Saw Wheel

What You'll Need
Band saw
Safety goggles
Thick gloves
Ruler or a straight edge

With a misaligned band saw wheel, the blade will move during the cut, giving you a product that will not reach the proper measurement you need for your project. However, with a little maintenance and alignment, you will be able to fix your band saw and once again create accurate cuts.

Step 1: Recognizing a Problem

The most common way to figure out if your band saw is cutting incorrectly is by inspecting the cut products themselves. Make sure that double-check each product so that you know if the piece is usable or not. If the piece varies in size at different points, your band saw wheels probably need to be cleaned, oiled or replaced.

If your band saw wheels are dirty, you may hear a strange noise as you run your equipment. In this case, you will need to also clean or oil your wheels.

Step 2: Make Sure You Follow Safety First

As you will be removing both a blade and small parts, it is important to look after your safety. Make sure that you wear safety goggles and thick gloves so that you can avoid injury.

Also, it is important to make sure that the saw is disconnected from any electricity so that you do not accidentally turn on the saw while you are doing your maintenance check.

Step 3: Initial Examination

Once the power has been disconnected, you must open the saw's doors to get access to the blade inside. Carefully tilt the saw so that you are able to slip your ruler or straight edge across both the lower and top wheels of your device, making sure that it is long enough to lay across both wheels at the same time.

It is important to note that certain models may need to have the table completely disconnected from the band saw for this maintenance step.

Step 4: Check Your Alignment Between the Wheels and the Blade

Making sure that the blade is installed correctly, check the alignment between bot the top and bottom wheels and the installed blade. Double check your measurements to make sure you data is correct. It is important that there is a blade during this process, as the measurements will be off because there is no blade tension available.

Make sure you note if there is any misalignment between the wheels and the blade. Once you know which wheel is misaligned, remove the blade and the misaligned wheel.

Step 5: Fixing the Wheel

Make sure that you add and attach the right amount of shims behind the wheel to make sure that both the top and bottom of the wheels are aligned correctly. Make sure that you double-check your work, then re-attach the wheel to the band saw.

After the wheel has been attached, reinstall the blade and check the measurements again. If the measurements are correct, your work is done. If they are incorrect, you will need to repeat the process until it is correct.