How to Anchor a Free Standing Cabinet to Drywall

What You'll Need
Carpenters level
Stud finder
Drill bits
2 inch wood screws.

Most walls in a homeowner’s kitchen are drywall which, as most handymen know, is not a very secure surface to which you can hang anything that has much weight, particularly a free standing cabinet. These cabinets are usually much too heavy to attach to drywall, unless you use a more secure anchor than normal wood or drywall screws. To attach your free standing cabinet on your kitchen wall, you'll need special tools, material, and installation instructions such as those below:

Step 1 – Choose and Mark Cabinet Location

Choose the place on your wall where you want your cabinet to be installed. Make two marks on the wall, one to indicate where the bottom of your cabinet will be and the other indicating approximately where the side of the cabinet will be.

Step 2 – Locate Wall Studs

You'll need to attach your cabinet to wall studs to be sure it will be securely anchored. Use your stud finder to locate the studs to which you'll attach your cabinet.

Step 3 – Attach your Cabinet

Drill guide holes through the drywall and into each of the wall studs to attach your cabinet. Space these holes about 8 inches apart. Then, have a helper hold the cabinet in place and drive your screws through the back of your cabinet and into the guide holes you have made.