How To Anchor A Room Divider

What You'll Need
Room divider
Metal hinges that match existing hinges or room decor
Stud finder
Measuring tape

A room divider often plays a decorative roll as well as serve a function. A portable room divider used as a more permanent solution is safer if it is anchored into the floor. You will want to anchor any room dividers that can serve as a hazard if they were to fall over. Here is a solution that will help you to anchor them to a wall. It as an easy job that requires the use of basic tools.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure the spacing of the existing hinges on your room divider. Use the measuring tape and pencil to align the new hinges in the same spacing pattern. Mark the screen frame but do not attach the hinges to it yet.

Step 2 - Location

It is best to attach the divider to a stud. Find the stud by placing the stud finder on the wall and gliding across the surface slowly. Most models have a light the responds when over a stud.  Mark the edges of the stud.

Step 3 - More Measuring

Now place the edge of the screen next to the stud on the wall. With a combination of measurements and comparison you can determine and mark where the hinges will be screwed into the wall.

Step 4 - Wall First

Screw the hinges into the wall at the premeasured distances. Make sure that you hit the stud with the screw. Drywall will not properly anchor a divider.

Step 5 - Attach The Screen

An easy way to do this is to lay the screen flush against the wall with the edge that is being mounted closest to the stud. Open up each of the hinges to lie against where they will be mounted.  Start with the top hinge then move to the bottom hinge. By alternating you are evenly distributing the weight of the room divider.

Step 6 - Test It

After secure to the wall you should set the divider in the position that you want to keep it. Test is to ensure that it is indeed secure and will not fall. If you feel that it still needs more support you can also anchor the bottom of the screen to the floor. A Bracket on the outer edge of the screen mounted and screwed into the floor will hold down the other end. Additional supports in the center will make it more permanent.

Many room dividers are made to be a portable solution to a space. You have the alternative of making the divider more permanent by anchoring it to the structure. You will not only be protecting the divider from damage but the space around it, should a heavy divider fall over. Anchoring them to one surface will help, but securing it on at least two surfaces will help to maintain the quality of the anchoring job.

Check with your local home improvement store should you have any questions on what brackets to use.