How to Anchor an Iron Railing into Concrete

What You'll Need
Hammer Drill
1/2 Inch Concrete Bit
Iron Rail Kit
Concrete Toggle Bolts
Concrete Adhesive

An iron railing is used on stairways and decks for safety reasons. They are both a place to hold onto while going up and down the stairs, as well as a boundary that keeps you from falling off or going beyond a certain point. Iron railings can be either straight metal pipes, squares or fancy wrought iron. Installing an iron railing into concrete steps is a project that any DIY homeowner can do. 

Step 1: Mark Position of Brackets

The iron railing is going to be secured with metal brackets that the posts will be locked into. In order to set these mounting brackets into the concrete you will need to drill the holes for them. Set the mounting brackets onto the steps, or the walkway, where they will go. Use a marker and mark the position of the holes where the toggle bolt will be placed. 

Step 2: Drill Holes for Bolts

Insert a 1/2 inch masonry bit into the chuck of a hammer drill. This type of drill is like a normal variable speed drill but has a pulsing action that drives the bit into the concrete. Grip the drill firmly and set it straight up and down on the mark. Drill into the concrete and brush away the concrete dust. Repeat this process for all of the anchor bracket holes. 

Step 3: Apply Concrete Adhesive to Holes

In order to give the anchor bolts a little more holding power, fill the holes halfway with some concrete adhesive. Only do one bracket at a time so that it does not dry before you can put the toggle bolt in the hole.

Step 4: Attach Mounting Brackets to Concrete

Make sure all of the concrete dust is blown away. Drive the toggle bolts into each of the holes. The toggle bolts have one end that will grab the concrete as it is twisted and a threaded end that receives a nut. Once the toggle bolts are in place, then slide the mounting bracket onto it. Set the nut onto the threaded head and tighten with a wrench or socket wrench. Repeat this process until all of the mounting hardware is firmly in position.

Step 5: Stand Post Up

The iron railing is going to rest onto a post that is positioned in the mounting bracket. This post will be held in place by a screw that goes through the post. Tighten a nut onto one end. Repeat with all of the posts.

Step 6: Install Iron Railing

Once the posts are installed, the railings are basically set into position and secure with any number of fasteners. Depending on the style you chose you may use hasps, screws, bolts, or clamps. Make sure to position the iron railing center on the post before it is secured. 

Step 7: Check Iron Railing for Firmness

Before you put your tools away it is a good idea to check all of the mounting hardware and the iron railing for security. Tighten all of the bolts and make sure there is no wobbling in the railing.