How to Anchor Barbed Wire to a Corner Post

What You'll Need
Fencing pliers
Barbed wire
Barbed wire grip
Thick work gloves
1 1/2-inch fence staples

Barbed wire fences are used to keep things inside and outside of a property and the corner post acts as an anchor for the fence. As you pull the barbed wire it pulls on the rest of the fence. Both the corner post and the barbed wire needs to be properly installed and anchored. If either of these 2 things fail to be done correctly the barbed wire fence could come undone if there's too much tension placed on it. This article will show you how to anchor barbed wire to a corner post.

Step 1 - Marking the Corner Post

In order to properly anchor the barbed wire to the corner post you first need to know where you wish to place the barbed wire. Place the yardstick up against the corner post and measure 4 inches from the top and make a mark. Measure 4 inches from the bottom and make another mark. Divide the space between the 2 marks in half and place a mark there. Depending on the height of the posts or how secure you wish it to be you may want to put the barbed wire closer together or have more barbed wire. These marks are where the barbed wire will be placed.

Step 2 - Stringing the Corner Post

Working with barbed wire is a dangerous job. If you don't take proper precautions you can wind up with serious injuries. Put on your thick work gloves to protect your hands and only grip the barbed wire between the barbs. Use the fencing pliers as much as you can to avoid physically touching the barbed wire. Grip the barbed wire attached to the other post next to it and pull it behind the corner post. Use the fencing pliers to pull it very tight and wrap it around the corner post at the mark you made, but at a slight angle. Wrap it around the corner post a second time at an opposite angle. When the barbed wire overlaps it should form a very small "X" pattern. Work from the bottom of the corner post working your way up.

Step 3 - Anchoring the Barbed Wire to the Corner Post

Continue to keep the barbed wire taught around the corner post using the fencing pliers. Grab the stapler loaded with the fence staples with your free hand. Staple the barbed wire to the corner post where you are holding it tight. You can now let go of the barbed wire as this piece is anchored and the tension will remain for the time being. Use the stapler and staple the barbed wire to the corner post two times on each side of the corner post about 1 inch from the edges. This will amount to 4 staples per side and per section of the corner post for a total of sixteen staples. You will repeat these steps for the remaining wire that you need to anchor to the corner post.