How to Anchor Bifold Doors to Concrete Floors How to Anchor Bifold Doors to Concrete Floors

What You'll Need
Drill (capable of drilling through concrete)
Bi-fold doors
Track system for your bi-fold doors
Concrete floor cleaner
String mop

Bifold doors are a compliment to any space or room. They are easy to install and very easy to maintain. They run along glides at the bottom of the door and at the top of the door. Use bifold doors in your garage or in the basement, even if the areas are unfinished. Bifold doors are easy to install and anchor to concrete floors. You must have the necessary tools and equipment available to complete this task. Once completed, you will be happy and you will be able to use the bifold doors to hide your stored items, to hold your appliances or to provide extra garment space!

Step 1 - Clean the Surface

Clean the concrete surface well. Use a special concrete floor cleaner. This will remove an excess dust and particles from the floor. Mix the concrete floor cleaner with warm water. Use a large bucket, big enough for a string mop. Clean the floors with a string mop. Allow the floors to dry completely. Depending on the weather conditions, it can take up to 72 hours for the concrete floors to dry completely.

Step 2 - Measure for Holes

Pull out the track for your bifold doors. Place the track along the concrete floors. There should be several spots for screws along the bifold door tracking. Using a magic marker or a piece of concrete chalk, dot the concrete floor. This will be your guide for where you want to drill the holes.  Stand back from the markings and make sure you have everything set straight. Make any minor adjustments as needed. It is easier to adjust a chalkline than it is to adjust holes in your concrete. Do not skimp on the preparation necessary to complete the job correctly.

Step 3 - Drill Countersink Holes

Using your drill, create holes in the concrete. These holes are the same places where you have used your chalkline to make the markings from your bifold door tracking. 

Step 4 - Add Plugs

Push plugs into the holes. These will be your anchor support system for the screws.

Step 5 - Put the Track Down

Put the bifold door track down. Line up the holes of the track with the holes you have drilled in the concrete. Hold it in place gently.

Step 6 - Anchor Screws

Lightly, with your fingers, twist the screws in place. Add at least 2 screws by hand, before you finish it off with a screw driver. Using the screw driver, tighten the screws in place along the track. Try and wiggle the track. If it remains in place, you are ready to put up the bi-fold doors.

Step 9 - Install Bifold Doors

Install the bifold doors along your track. Slide the bottom sections inside the track and fix the top of the bi-fold doors to the top mount track.  Test the bifold doors out to insure proper and smooth operation. Enjoy!

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