How to Apply a Clear Epoxy Resin Coat on Paintings

What You'll Need
Clear Epoxy and Hardener (1 gallon per 32 square feet)
Pitcher or bowlforcombining and pouring
Spatula orstirring utensil for mixing
Putty knife
Plastic throw/tarp
Small table or something equivalent to hold the painting of the ground or worktable
Gloves/mask/safety glasses

Protect your paintings by adding a glossy coat of clear epoxy resin. Adding an epoxy resin coating to your paintings gives you an opportunity to be creative and change the look of a painting while preserving the color and beauty.

Step 1 - Prepare Work Area

Choose an area to work where you can feel free to make a mess. If you don't have a special work space, you may want to work in a garage or outside on a concrete surface. It's very important that your painting is level, so if the floor isn't level, prop up your painting sturdily so that it is completely flat and level. Epoxy resin is dangerous to breathe, so open windows if you are inside to allow plenty of fresh air into your room. Lay down a tarp or plastic throw over the floor or work table. Set down a table, box, or a couple bricks to set the painting on so that the epoxy resin can run down the sides of the painting and fall off without pooling. . Set your painting on the table, checking to make sure it's level before you go to work. To protect your skin, eyes and lungs, wear protective gloves, mask and glasses.

Step 2 - Mix Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin comes in 2 parts, the epoxy (thicker) and the hardener. Mix according to the instructions, which is generally a 50/50 mix. Mix thoroughly after combining for a couple minutes, scraping the sides and bottoms as you stir. The amount you use will depend on how thick you choose to pour and how many layers you want to do. In general, a cup per 2 square feet will be adequate.

Step 3 - Pour and Spread

Pour the desired amount of resin over the painting slowly. Spread it out smoothly using a putty knife.

Step 4 - Paint the Sides

There are different ways to work with the edges. A simple way is to allow the epoxy to drip down the sides and after smoothly out completely with the putty knife, smooth out the sides with a paintbrush.

Step 5 - Remove Bubbles

If you leave your painting alone now, the epoxy will develop bubbles that will harden on the surface. To remove these bubbles, you can either go over them your putty knife every 15 minutes until the bubbles are gone, or you can go over the surface with a blowdryer or blow torch until the bubbles stop appearing.

Step 6 - Air Dry

If your painting has a lot of texturing, you may choose to put on another coat. Wait at least 4 hours to do so. The epoxy resin finish should reach its ultimate hardness after about 4 days.