How to Apply a Metal Flake Paint Finish to a Car

What You'll Need
Clear coat paint
Air brush machine
Metal flakes
Plastic gloves

Knowing how to apply metal flake paint finish can give your vehicle a great new look. This is a do-it-yourself job that again will take patience. Here is what you need to do to accomplish this goal.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Car

You will first wash your car as you normally do before proceeding with the metal flake paint finish. Be sure to paint your car a basic color and let it dry. Your car should always have a base coat of paint on it before you add the finish. When you add the flakes your car will look a completely different color. Know your color patterns well before doing the job. For instance a red vehicle with blue flakes will give a purple reflection in the sunlight.

Step 2 - Purchase Your Metal Flake Finish

man painting a car

You can usually purchase metal flake and a spray tip from any car detailer in your area. Always ask your salesman what flakes will work best for your vehicle since they probably are experts at this venture. You don't want to make the mistake of getting colors you don't like. As stated earlier you should know your color combinations. Also it is always best to buy your metal flakes from a trustworthy vendor since they have a reputation to uphold.

Step 3 - Mix the Metal Flakes

After you have purchased your metal flakes you will mix them with the clear coat paint. For a more radiant shine you will add a second coat. But always be careful not to overdo it. Less is sometimes best. In case you suffer from any skin irritations be sure to wear plastic gloves when doing this step. Also be sure to buy top quality metal flakes for a perfect look.

Step 4 - Protect the Vehicle

If you don't want to have your entire vehicle covered in flakes be sure to cover restricted areas with plastic. This may include your tires, tags, or any hood ornaments. You really only want to flake the paint job.

Step 5 - Load the Air Brush Machine

After covering the places not to be flaked you will place the flake paint mixture into the air brush machine and start to apply a thin layer.

Step 6 - Apply Second Layer

man painting a car

When the first layer is dry you can then apply the second thick coat with the airbrush machine. Make sure that the layers are even. Don't be quick to do the job if you want it to have a professional look. A sloppy job will show in the outcome. So be sure to take your time and get the job done correctly.

Step 7 - Finish the Metal Flake Job

Once the second coat has dried you can then apply a clear coat or sealant over the glittery paint. After this you will notice a new look to your vehicle especially in the sunlight. Everyone will marvel at the new look your vehicle has with its new metal flake paint finish.