How to Apply a Wall-Mounted Toilet Seal

Either for aesthetic reasons or for concerns of space or plumbing logistics, you may find that you want or need to install a wall-mounted toilet. This process can be as simple as installing a standard toilet if you are prepared with the right tools and some simple instructions.

Apply Neoprene Gasket

First you will take your appropriately sized neoprene gasket and place it firmly and evenly over the bowl outlet opening. This gasket should be slightly sticky and should stay in place fairly easily.

Attach Bowl to Wall

Once your gasket is in place you can line up the mounting holes in your wall-mounted toilet bowl with the bolts on your wall mounting bracket. Place the toilet bowl firmly on the wall mounting bracket and then push it back firmly against the wall and create a good, even seal with your neoprene gasket.

Apply Sealant

Apply a sealant between the bowl gap and wall. Once the toilet bowl is firmly mounted to the wall and the gasket and the bowl are adequately sealed you may pour water into your toilet bowl to avoid sewer gas coming up and escaping into your bathroom.