How to Apply Boat Trailer Wheel Grease

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What You'll Need
Trailer jack
Needle nose pliers
Adjustable wrench
Clean rag

A boat trailer wheel, like the wheels on cars or trucks, needs the wheel bearings properly greased if the wheel is to continue running smoothly. Here's how to apply boat trailer wheel grease.

Step 1 - Remove the Trailer Wheel Bearings

Jack up one of your trailer wheels, and remove the wheel's dust cap. Use the needle nose pliers to pull the cotter pin from the axle and nut, unscrew the nut, and remove the outer bearing. Remove the hub assembly, and grease the seal and inner bearing.

Step 2 - Clean and Inspect the Wheel Bearings

Use a clean rag to remove grease from the wheel bearings. Inspect the bearings and races for damages such as pitting or scarring. Clean grease off the axle and the inside surfaces of the wheel hub, then, inspect for damage.

Step 3 - Repack Bearings and Replace the Bearings and Wheel

Pack the bearings with as much grease as you can get into them. Place grease on the axle where it makes contact with the grease seal. Replace all parts.

Step 4 - Repack Bearings on the Second Wheel

Use the procedure from the above paragraphs to repack the trailer's second wheel.