How to Apply Brake Squeal Spray

What You'll Need
Car jacks
Jack stands
Brake spray

The sound of a brake squeal can be unnerving as well as annoying, which will make it necessary to rectify the problem as soon as possible. By following the steps needed to apply spray to the brakes, you can ensure that the car does not suffer this problem.

Step 1 – Gain Access

With the car engine off, take the necessary action to lift the car to enable you to gain access to the components causing the brake squeal. Make sure the car jacks are securely positioned beneath the car’s frame and hold it in place with the jack stands.

Step 2 – Application     

Depending on the type of brake squeal spray you are using, you will find that some can be directly applied, while others will work on a disassembled braking system. Whether the components can remain intact or are disassembled, wipe them free of grime with a cloth before sparingly applying the spray. Follow the specific instructions to coat the rotor and drums. If necessary, reassemble the parts.  

Step 3 – Test

Lower the car back to the ground and test that the brake squeal has disappeared by applying the brake several times in quick succession at low speed.