How to Apply Car Scratch Wax How to Apply Car Scratch Wax

Car scratch wax will take out the small scratches on your paintwork. It’s actually polish, not wax. The car scratch wax is very mildly abrasive, which eliminates the scratch.


Put a generous amount of car scratch wax on a clean, dry cloth. Rub in a circular motion around and over the scratch. If it’s a long scratch just focus on one section at a time.

You need to make sure you work outward from the scratch itself. As you remove the scratch this will help the paintwork blend in properly. As you work you need to keep feeling the scratch with your fingertips. You shouldn’t be able to feel much.


After covering a small section wipe off the car scratch wax with a clean cloth and examine the finish. Depending on the scratch, it shouldn’t take a great deal of work to rub it out. If it hasn’t all gone be certain to apply more and keep working carefully until the scratch has gone.

Move on to the next section and repeat, then keep going until you’ve taken out the whole scratch. To complete the work of the car scratch wax, rub clean and then apply a coat of wax to protect the vehicle.

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