How to Apply Concrete Acid Stain

What You'll Need
Concrete acid stain
Floor cleaning solution
Rag cloth
Spray bottle
Baking soda
Stain sealant

People prefer to use concrete acid stains to give a color and to create a design or pattern on their concrete structure. This stain can also protect the concrete surface. The life of the stains depends on the quality of your concrete surface. You have to be skilful in applying the concrete acid stains to get the desired pattern.

Step 1 – Clean the Surface

As the stain can show the blemishes or dirt on the concrete surface as blotches, it is essential to clean the surface first and then proceed. It should also be cleared off markings or other stains before the application of the acid stain. Use floor cleaning agents and wipe the floor dry before applying the stain.

Step 2 – Test Staining

Though manufacturers of the acid stain provide the actual color shade produced by a stain, it is wise to sample the stain by applying in a small area as the stain can produce various shades based on the quality of the surface.

Step 3 – Apply Acid

Follow the instructions provided by the acid stain manufacturer and apply a coat of stain on the surface in an even manner using a spray bottle. To get a lighter shade of the stain you should mix the stain with water and to get a darker shade, you will have to apply another coating of stain after the first coating dries up. Make the application in a circular fashion. However, take care not to leave brush marks as they can appear in the surface after the stain has dried out.

Step 4 – Curing Time

Leave the acid stain to dry and cure by itself without disturbing. You should take care not to place anything or walk on the stained surface before it cures as the imprints will become permanent.

Step 5 – Neutralize the Stain

You should wait until the curing time (time is given by the manufacturers) is over for the specific stain that you have used. Mix a cup of baking soda with 1 gallon of water and use this mixture to clean the surface and to remove the excess stain residue and neutralize it. Afterwards mop the baking soda solution without stepping on the surface. Repeat the rinsing if you feel there are still acid stain residues on the surface.

Step 6 – Handmade Designs

After the staining and rinsing of the entire area is completed, use brush to create handmade acid stain designs on the surface. Let it stand alone for curing and then neutralize it as you did previously.

Step 7 – Seal the Surface

Apply the sealant by brushing or spraying it on the surface. However, take care to uniformly apply the sealant on the entire area of the surface. Now leave the sealant to cure for a lot of time. It can take few days based on the weather conditions and the thickness of the sealant.