How to Apply Concrete Floor Sealant How to Apply Concrete Floor Sealant

Concrete floor sealant comes in a variety of colors and is used for two main reasons. The first is to make your concrete floor look much better. The second is to make your concrete floor much easier to keep clean, especially when it gets oily or greasy. There are two main steps to applying floor sealant to your concrete floor. The preparation step comes first and entails a thorough cleaning and drying of the concrete surface to be sealed. The second step is the application process. This article will list the basic preparation steps and the list the steps required to apply the sealant. The tools required will also be listed.

Tools Required

 The following tools are required for preparation and application.

  • Heavy bristle broom
  • Paint roller frame
  • Extension handle for the paint roller
  • At least 2 paint rollers
  • Paint roller pan
  • Paint brush to apply the sealant in tight corners

    Step 1: Preparation

    Preparation entails a thorough cleaning of the concrete surface. Some sealants may require the use of special cleaning or etching compounds to remove surface oils and grease.

    Remove everything from the surface to be cleaned and sealed. Sweep the area completely.Thoroughly clean the surface using the recommended or required cleaning agent. Scrub thoroughly, paying particular attention to areas of high grease or oil saturation. An acid wash may be needed in order to completely break up and remove excessive oils or greases. Rinse the surface completely and allow to dry completely.

      Step 2: Application Process

      Application of the sealant is the same as painting a horizontal wall. Here are the steps involved:

      Start in the corner farthest from the entry exit door and move towards the door, making the area right in front of the door the last to be done.
      Open the supplied bag of plastic chips and keep close to hand. Fill the paint tray with the sealant and roll out over a 10 square foot area. Make sure the coating is even. Evenly spread the supplied plastic chips over the area just painted. Use the paint brush for any tight corners that the roller won’t reach. oll out another 10-square-foot area. Evenly spread plastic chips over the area just painted. Repeat this process until the whole surface to be sealed has been covered.

      Spread any extra plastic chips over the floor randomly. The paint tray is optional. The sealant can actually be poured over the floor as long as only enough to cover a 10-square-foot area is poured out at a time. As the fumes from most concrete sealants are semi-toxic, this process must be done in a well ventilated area. If forced ventilation is to be used, make sure there is a very limited amount of dust and dirt that can be picked up by the blower. After reading this article you will be fully prepared to apply concrete floor sealant, knowing how to both prepare the surface for sealing and how to properly apply it.

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