How to Apply Copper Pipe Repair Tape

What You'll Need
Copper pipe repair resin tape
Plumbers putty epoxy
File or sandpaper

Copper pipe repair is a simple process which, if the leak is small enough, requires very few tools. The tape that is used in this process, however, is a little different than normal tape. The following directions will explain how best to use this tape so that the leak does not reoccur.

Step 1 – Clean and Rough Up the Area

After shutting off the water, find the hole in the pipe. Once the hole is located, gently rough up the area around it with a file. Be careful not to damage the pipe further. The goal is to create a rough surface to which the repair tape will bond well to. Once the pipe has been scored, clean the area and let it dry.

Step 2 – Apply an Epoxy

If the hole is substantially large, knead a plumber’s putty epoxy on itself to activate the chemical reaction that causes it to harden. Then, press it firmly into the hole in the pipe. Smooth it out by hand before it hardens. If the hole is reasonably small skip to the next step.

Step 3 – Wrap the Pipe in Copper Pipe Repair Tape

Dip or roll a copper pipe repair resin tape in water to activate it. Then, roll the tape tightly around the pipe. To properly seal the hole, the tape must extend at least 1 inch beyond the perimeter of the hole. Smooth the tape by hand to remove any gaps or bubbles that may exist between the layers. The tape will become rock hard within 40 minutes.