How to Apply Crackle Paint Top Coat How to Apply Crackle Paint Top Coat

If you want a unique look for your home, consider the texture of crackle paint. Most type of texturized paint (including crackled paint) have texture base, top coat paint and base coat. Completing this project should not take more than a weekend.

Step 1 - Shop for Paint

Buy 2 colors of paint: one will be used for the base and the other for the top. Make sure they are either in similar colors or that the base one is a neutral. Keep in mind that they should be latex paint. The crackle paint medium should have no color.

Buy a brush and paint roller, since it will be easier to paint the crackle paint with a roller.

Step 2 - Sand Down

Use sandpaper to make the walls smooth for an even paint job. Wipe down with wet wash cloth and allow to dry. Then repeat.

Step 3 - Prepare

Use drop cloth and masking tape to cover any area that you do not wish to paint. Tape down the edges on the drop cloth, if necessary.

Step 4 - Starting

Apply base coat evenly and allow to dry up to 4 hours. Once that is dry, apply the crackle paint. Wait a hour and then apply the top coat. While still wet, remove tape and allow to dry.

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