How to Apply Glazing Liquid to Walls

What You'll Need
Base coat for walls
Glazing color about two shades darker than the walls
Glazing liquid
Small container to mix glazing liquid and paint
Rags or whatever you want to apply the glazing coat.
Mixing tool

Faux painting, such as applying glazing liquid to walls, has become very popular in decorating. It can be used with many styles of furniture and decor types. Having it done professionally can be very expensive, but with a bit of work, you can easily complete an average size room in one day. The idea of glazing is to give your walls a high/low effect with color. Glazing can be applied with about anything for differing effects.

Step 1 - Walls

Your walls should first be painted the base color you want to use. Choose a shade for glazing about 2 shades darker than your walls. 

Step 2 - Mixture

Pour enough glazing liquid in your small container to do 1 wall and then add the darker color and mix. Test this color on your wall to see if you like the effect.

Step 3 - Application

The simplest technique for a beginner is to wipe it on with a dry rag in a motion like you are washing the wall. Do only 1 wall at a time and be careful to not build up glazing in the corners.