How to Apply Natural Stone Sealer to Your Floor

What You'll Need
Natural stone sealer
Dust pan

It is important to apply a natural stone sealer to any type of natural stone tile or flooring in your home. Natural stone is a very material substance, and you need to make sure that it is sealed at all times in order to prevent staining or discoloration. Follow the simple steps below to effectively apply sealer to your natural stone floors.

Step 1 - Choosing the Sealer

To begin, you must find the right type of sealer. Go to a tile supply store or home improvement warehouse to purchase a product that is designated for natural stone tile. You should look for a penetrating sealer, which will go deep down into the pores and seal them up tight so that liquid will not go down into the tile. There are many brands on the market, but keep in mind that the least expensive may not be as high quality as pricier brands.

Step 2 - Preparation

Before you apply the sealer, you need to make sure that the area is properly prepared. If you have recently installed the tile, make sure that you allow it plenty of time to set up. Otherwise, you could seal in moisture under the tile and in the grout.

You also have to make sure that the area is completely clean. If there is any dirt or dust still on the tile when you seal it, it will be stuck in under the sealant. Use a broom to sweep any excess dirt off of the tile. Then use a mop and some water to thoroughly clean the tile, and allow ample time to dry.

Step 3 - Applying the Sealer

Once the area is prepared, you can apply the sealer to the tile with a rag or a brush. In some cases, the sealer will also come with an applicator that you can use. Apply with even strokes until the entire area is covered with the sealer. 

Step 4 - Dry

Check the sealer packaging for instructions about drying time. You may want to set up a fan so that it is blowing on the floor. Allow it to dry so that you can no longer see the wet sealer on the tile.

Step 5 - Reapply

You may need to apply a second or third coat of the sealer. Continue applying coats and letting them dry until when you drop a bit of water on the tile, it beads up instead of sinking down into the tile.