How to Apply PEX Pipe Fittings How to Apply PEX Pipe Fittings

What You'll Need
PEX pipe fittings
PEX pipe
PEX Crimper
PEX removal tool
PVC cutting tool

If you want to install your own plumbing, then you might be keen on the idea of using PEX pipe fittings. This type of fitting can be used to fit into small areas, whether you are looking to use them for heating appliances, or for plumbing. There are two ways to apply the PEX pipe fittings, either by crimping them, using a special tool, or simply sliding them on.

Step 1 - Use the Crimp Fitting

Begin a crimp fitting by cutting down your PEX tubing until it fits neatly into the PEX pipe fittings. Then, take the barb from your fitting, and slide it into the PEX tubing. Place the ring from the fitting over the top of the tubing, and then place the crimping tool around the ring. Pump several times.

Step 2 - Add a Slide on Fitting

Begin again by cutting down your tubing until it is able to slide onto the fitting. Take your PEX pipe fitting, and slide it over the tubing, making sure that the ring slides over the tube. Tighten the fitting manually. You can use the removal tool to correct errors.

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