How To Apply Roof Cement

When making repairs to shingles, tiles or asphalt, you may have to apply cement to your roof.

Roof Cement

Roof cement comes ready-made in large tins. There are several different grades that correspond to the work you are doing and the manufacturer’s preferences. Roofing cement can be use to seal a roof and to fix tiles, shingles, roll asphalt and any other roof material.


Apply roof cement with a trowel, going to a depth of about 1/8-inch. It is best to work in small areas rather than try to do all at once. This will enable you more control.

When handling roof cement, wear gloves to keep it off your skin. Whiel spills and splashes aren’t a major problem, the mix is quite stiff.

Roof Cement Tiles

Some tiles come with a strip of roof cement already applied. The cement is protected by a paper strip. To fit these tiles, simply remove the paper strip and put the tile in place. The roof cement starts to work as it warms up.