How to Apply Scotch Guard on a Shag Area Rug

What You'll Need
Shag pile rug
Scotch Guard in spray cans
Afro comb

Scotch Guard is a trade name and trade mark registered by the 3M Corporation for a group of products that can be applied to fabrics like a shag area rug. The products are for specific purposes so need to be chosen with care. The product to be used on your designer rugs is a stain protector. The spray coats the  fibers in the rug, which actively repels dirt and stains. Provided a clean-up is done quickly, a Scotch-Guarded rug will not be stained or harmed by spillages.


Step 1: Check Your Shag Rug

Scotch Guard can only be applied to rugs that can be cleaned with water. Check to see that your shag rug can take water. If your rug has artificial fibers, check the Scotch Guard packaging to make sure you buy the correct product.

Step 2: Test your Shag Pile

Scotch Guard can cause colors to fade or run so you need to test a hidden area of the rug to make sure the colors will not be affected. Check a small amount of the pile, not the rug binding.

Step 3: Prepare Your Shag Pile

For best results Scotch Guard should be applied to clean and dry carpets. If you have a large rug, make sure that you have enough Scotch Guard to do the complete job in one session.

Step 4: Ventilation of the Work Area

Arrange for as much ventilation in the working area as possible, but do not create strong drafts. The ventilation will disperse the propellant and improve the drying time of the spray.

Step 5: Comb the Shag Pile

Using a broad toothed comb arrange the pile so that it is lying in a single direction. Follow the instructions on the can for applying the Scotch Guard. Spray evenly, taking care not to cover the same area twice. Sometimes there will be an accumulation of froth under the spray nozzle. If so, do not let it drip on to the shag pile.

Step 6: Reverse the Shag Pile

Using the same comb reverse the shag pile so that it is lying in the opposite direction. The exposed pile should be dry. Spray this side of the pile evenly, ensuring that you do not cover the same area twice.

Step 7: Leave to Dry

The large shag pile rug should be allowed to dry for at least 12 hours. When it is dry the shag pile can be used as normal. If areas of the pile seem to be stiff this will have been caused by over spraying. This can usually be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Once your shag area rug has been treated it will be able to stand up better to spillages and stains. Cleaning the shag pile after a spill will be easier. Treated your rugs with Scotch Guard once a year to maintain it effectiveness.