How To Apply Whitewash To Concrete How To Apply Whitewash To Concrete

What You'll Need
Wire cleaning brush
Cleaning solution
Scrub brush
50 lbs of Hydrated Lime
10 lbs Table Salt
Large tub for mixing
Paint brushes

Whitewash is a lime-based chemical that will change the color of your concrete walls or flooring. You can apply it to brick and other surfaces as well, and even add pigments to the mixture. The procedure of adding whitewash is not difficult, but will take some time between each step.

Step 1 - Experiment

Before you whitewash your entire concrete surface, experiment with different types of washes, pigments and forms of applications. Keep in mind that the substance may turn colors when it dries, so allow at least 48 to 72 drying time to see the real results. You can easily apply the whitewash with a simple roller, sponges, or stiff or soft bristle brushes.

Step 2 - Preparation

Thoroughly clean the concrete surface to ensure an even finish. Set out a tarp around any landscaping or areas where you do not want to get the whitewash mixture. You might need to use more than 1 type of cleaner, like for grease or caked-on dirt. Use a wire cleaning brush for the very tough areas, but take care not to chip away the concrete. Repair any chipping before you whitewash.

Step 3 - Mix it Up

There are several different recipes for mixing up your own whitewash, but one popular way is to use hydrated lime, salt and water. Mix 50 pounds of lime, 10 lbs of salt and enough water that it forms a paste. You can leave the mixture to set overnight if you wish—just stir and replace any lost water when you are ready to use it.

Step 4 - Apply Whitewash

Thoroughly apply whitewash with a paintbrush. The whitewash will apply better to a moist surface, so wet the concrete first and allow it to dry partially before you start. You will find that you usually need more than one application.  Apply thin even strokes until you achieve the result that you are looking for. By the time that you begin the third coat, the brush strokes should no longer be visible. Keep in mind that each coat must be completely dry before you start the next one.

Whitewashing your concrete is a great way to bring charm to your home. Lime is also alkaline, so whitewash solutions that contain lime will kill germs. Whitewashed concrete will last a long time without needing to be reapplied.

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