How to Apply Windshield Repair Resin without Damaging a Windows Visibility

What You'll Need
Windshield resin repair kit
Razor blade
Soapy water
Lint-Free clean cloth
Rotary tool

If you need windshield repair resin to repair a crack in your windshield, you will need to follow the manufacturer's guidelines carefully. To make sure that the windshield visibility is not impaired in anyway, it is essential to make the job an accurate one by using the right kit and the right tools.

Step 1 – Preparing

Clean the windshield with warm soapy water and make sure there is no dust or extraneous dirt in or around the crack. Dry with a clean lint-free cloth for best drying results. You can also use a rotary tool, if you have one, to clean the area and get rid of any lose dust or debris.

Step 2 – The Chip

If the damage to your windshield was caused by a piece of flying debris it may have left a chip in the windshield that can potentially become a huge crack. This will interfere with the over all integrity of your windshield. Carrying on driving with such a serious blemish can turn a small chip into a large, threatening crack which could shatter as you drive. Make sure you inject the correct amount of resin into the crack. If the crack is a deep on inject enough to reach every part of it and fill it completely. The clear resin will then begin to set under the film or tape, whichever is applicable to your kit.

Step 3 – The Film

The resin kit comes with a film that helps the resin to set flat against the windshield. When you have injected the resin into the crack, cover it with the film and leave it to set thoroughly. For best results, it is always suggested that you leave it at least 24 hours, or as advised by the instructions that came with your particular kit. You can then peel of the film and remove any excess resin from the area and flatten it inline with the windshield. After you have done that, you should not see the old chip at all if the job has been done correctly. If you do see a tiny sign, you can inject a little more resin and apply more film until it has vanished completely.

Step 4 – Larger Cracks

Cracks of no more than a length of 6 inches can be repaired in the same way as a small chip, as long as they are surface cracks and not an actual split in the windshield glass. Simply inject the resin into the crack after cleaning it thoroughly. Apply the film along the length of the crack and leave it to set. Remove the film and any excess resin with the razor blade. It is always advised that if a crack is larger than 6 inches, it indicates a higher hazard level and the windshield should be replaced. This applies to actual cracks that run right through the windshield. Surface cracks are easier to repair.