How to Apply Wood Stain How to Apply Wood Stain

Knowing how to apply wood stain correctly can help you to make wood surfaces look like new. Follow the 4 steps below to help you successfully complete your wood staining project.

Step 1 - Proper Planning

It’s important that before beginning your project you purchase enough paint. This you will help you avoid having to return to the store and purchase paint that may not match the stain you first applied.

Step 2 - Room temperature

It will be important when staining your wood pieces that the room in which you apply your stain is the right temperature. A room that is too cold will prevent your piece from drying properly.

Step 3 - Wood Preparation

Sanding the wood properly before you begin to paint will be an important step. Once the wood has been sanded, remove wood dust and debris with a clean cloth to avoid creating a rough and bumpy finished surface.

Step 4 - Stain Application

Use with a clean rag to apply your stain, particularly for flat surfaces. If you are staining a more ornate wood surface, a brush may work better. Add a second coat to areas that are patchy after the stain has dried. Finish by applying shellac or sealer.

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