How to Arrange a Themed Gift Basket

A themed gift basket can be a perfect gift for just about anyone. With so many options available, the only real limit is your imagination or budget. Holiday themed gift baskets are always popular, while novelty gift baskets can be great personalized gift for someone with a specific hobby or interest. Florists and other gift basket makers can charge exorbitant prices for gift baskets, but why pay when you can make one yourself that is tailored specifically to the person you are giving it to.

Themed Gift Baskets

There are so many options available when creating a gift basket. Though the bulk of gift baskets include candy and cookies, there are also many other kinds of gift baskets to consider. A popular theme for women’s gift baskets is a spa or bath gift basket with several nice bath products and other relaxation enhancements like essential oils and candles. For men, a popular theme is a movie/snack combo gift basket with a few DVDs, microwave popcorn and candy.

For someone who loves to cook or enjoys a certain cuisine, a themed gift basket makes a great choice. Consider an Italian cooking or Asian cooking gift basket that comes complete with sauces and noodles and other ingredients necessary to make a few different dishes. Baby gift baskets are also popular for new mothers and typically include an assortment of baby bath products or even baby clothing.

What You Need

Outside of the actual contents of the gift basket, you will need a few supplies to build your themed gift basket. First you will need a basket. Try to get something with a handle if you will be transporting the basket, but otherwise, you will want to get one without, as it can take up valuable space. Be sure to begin formulating an idea of what you want to include in the basket so that you get one of the appropriate size that will fit all the ingredients you have planned.

You will also need ribbon, florist’s foam or another similar product and a large piece of cellophane to wrap your gift basket.

How to Arrange a Gift Basket

You will first take the florist’s foam and insert a piece in the basket that will allow you to prop up the central items in the basket for easier viewing. If you have any items that are too tall to fit with the foam, cut away at the foam in the appropriate area with a sharp knife so that you can insert the item.

Place all the items in the basket. If the basket has a front, you will want to arrange all items from shortest in the front to tallest in the back. If your basket has no designated front, you can either arrange the items in a pyramid so that each side has something to look at, or you can select a side to use as the front and build the objects from shortest to tallest. If you use the pyramid design, put the tallest item in the middle and build out from there. The pyramid design is a nice method to design a basket because it will look great from whatever angle it is opened.

Finish the basket by placing it on a sheet of cellophane, gathering it together at the top of the basket and tying it with a ribbon.

It is really easy to customize a themed gift basket for the interests of the recipient. You can include all of their favorite things in one beautiful gift. Explore the ideas and create a themed gift basket yourself for much cheaper than you can buy in a store.