How to Arrange Clubs in a Golf Bag

Organizing the golf clubs in your golf bag may actually help your game. By avoiding the annoyance of trying to find the right club, you can focus more on the shot you are about to take. Keep reading for some basic tips on how to organize your clubs in your golf bag.


If you like to walk the golf course with a stand bag, you will organize your clubs differently than if you ride. When walking, you will want your tallest clubs, such as a driver, in the front and the shortest, such as a putter, in the back. This way, when you set your clubs down and stand them up, your long clubs won’t be obstructing your view of the shorter clubs. Keep your short irons, long irons, and woods in separate compartments.


If you like to ride in a cart while golfing, you will basically organize the clubs the opposite way of a walking bag. Because you will be approaching and looking at your bag from a different angle, you should place the shorter clubs in the front and the longer clubs in the back. This way, your short clubs, like your putter and wedges, will be visible and more accessible in front of the longer clubs.