How to Arrange Dishes in a China Cabinet

There are many ways to arrange dishes in a china cabinet. Follow the steps below to have your arrangement fit your cabinet, your room and your home.

  1. Choose what you want to place in the cabinet without overloading it. Pick enough pieces to be attractive but don't stack every shelf all the way to the top. Create balance by leaving spaces in between items.
  2. Think about what kind of arrangement you want. To arrange by type, stack plates, put cups and saucers together, and serving pieces together. To arrange by size, place larger items in the back of the shelf such as serving pieces, large bowls and plates and smaller items in front of the shelf such as dessert plates and small bowls. Or place items such as sugar bowls, creamers and salt and pepper shakers in front of larger items to balance. Arrange by usage by placing fine china on upper shelves and everyday dinnerware easily available on lower shelves.
  3. Draw attention to uniquely patterned or shaped items by placing them on their own shelves. Show off patterned plates by standing them up. Use crystal stemware or vases interspersed with the china to accentuate.
  4. Once you have your cabinet arranged, stand back and take a look. If there's something about the arrangement that's not quite right, work with it until it is.

Create a unique expression of your decorating style through your china cabinet.