How To Arrange Home Office Furniture Using Feng Shui

Position your home office furniture according to the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui to help make your space a more stimulating environment. The concepts will separate work from your personal life and help achieve positive energy, or Chi. 

Work Desk

Place your desk as far away from your bedroom as possible. This helps to create an emotional separation from work and pleasure. 

Position your desk so that your back is not facing the door, and turn the desk so it does not face any walls. If your office is small and there is no way to avoid facing a wall, lighten up the wall with artwork in vibrant colors that make you happy.

Metal Furniture

According to Feng Shui, metal is a water element. Place metal furnishings in the north area of the office, which represents career or life path. Do not place metal furniture in the south: south is all about fire, and water dampens fire.

Furniture in the north area of the office should be related to work. This can include file cabinets, computer equipment and even telephones.

Keep the Office Free of Clutter

Clutter dampens your spirits and serves as a great de-motivator. If you have a lot of stuff in your office, find appealing ways to store it out of site. If you need extra space, consider converting an external closet into a storage unit. This will keep possible clutter out of the room entirely.

Crystals and Fountains

By nature, an office will have a lot of electronic equipment that can fill the office with electrical pollutants. Feng Shui considers electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation all but devastating.

Beautiful salt crystal lamps and candle holders will emit positive ions when turned on or lit. The positive ions will help to counteract EMF radiation produced and will help clear the air.

You can also incorporate small fountains. The flowing water will dispel the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Lighting and Lamps

Keep the lighting as natural as possible. If you have overhead lighting, avoid using fluorescent bulbs. You can also use desk and floor lamps instead, but make sure the placement of the lamps won’t clutter the work space of the flow of the room.

Keep It Minimal and Sleek

A room that is simply furnished will help the flow of Chi and make it easier to concentrate. If you have too much furniture, the room will become cluttered and hard to move around. If the furniture is too large or clunky, the room can look off-balance and prevent natural flow.

Keep everything simple. Use clean lines and make accents with vibrant colors.