How to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts How to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts

Many newlywed couples are showered with wedding gifts on their special day. However, the fact is that most newlyweds would appreciate some monetary help as they start out on their life together. Sending out this message without appearing rude is not that difficult, especially because there are new ideas and products out there to help you.

Spread the Word Around

Chances are most of your wedding guests are from your family or friend circle. A great way to spread the word around is to tell your closest relatives and friends about your preference for money over gifts. Explain that you would rather use the money for a car or a home for your family. More often than not, the people closest to you will appreciate your honesty and will spread the message for you in a discreet manner.

Use the Internet

Many couples nowadays set up websites dedicated to their weddings. You can also do the same and post humorous poems and messages that indicate your preference for monetary contributions. You can have a wishing well at your wedding and indicate so on your website beforehand. A wishing well provides a location for guests to drop off their contributions at your wedding get-together. So long as you are discreet and polite, you will be successful in avoiding unwanted presents and getting something useful instead.

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