How to Assemble a Prefab Wood Garage

What You'll Need
Screwdriver, preferably a power one
Wood stain
Concrete base

While building a prefab wood garage is far easier than constructing one from scratch, it is still a project that will take a few days and require some basic skills in DIY. All you need is a basic set of tools and of course the modular building kit. However, there are some preparations which need to be made first and these preparations are often the most complicated part of the job since you do need special tools and equipment for them.

Step 1-Making Preparations

Assembling the garage itself is largely a matter of following the instructions which come with the package. For the most part, this is fairly self-explanatory, but the complicated part is making the needed preparations. First, there needs to be an area designated for the foundation. The foundation should ideally be made from poured concrete. To make strong foundations which are built to last, you should dig out an area of the ground to about 6 inches in depth.

Make sure you dig out the foundations to exactly the right size, following the dimensions of the prefab wood garage. This area should then be boxed in temporarily using low wooden walls around the entire perimeter. Concrete then needs to be poured in, filling the area. The concrete needs to be poured in using a concrete pourer. This is a job that generally a tradesman should do as it needs specialist equipment and materials. When the concrete is set, you can then start assembling the garage and putting it in place.

Step 2-Constructing the Garage

Constructing the garage itself depends entirely on the particular prefab that you have. The first thing to do is make sure that you have all the equipment and materials required for the job. Make sure that no pieces are missing from the kit. If everything is there, you can then follow the instructions which come with the kit. The process will still take a couple of days most likely, but if you follow the instructions carefully and pay close attention to detail, it should not be too difficult. All of the connections including the nuts and bolts should be included in the kit. When you follow the instructions in the kit, there are a few other things you can do to get better results.

Step 3-Finishing Touches

There may be a few finishing touches you want to make to your garage. If you want to add an electrical supply to it, you should contact an electrician to do the job. It is also important to treat the surfaces of the garage to help protect the structure from weather. Use wood stain of whichever type you prefer and cover all of the surfaces with this. Creosote or paint is also an option. You may well need to apply a couple of coats for extra protection. Finally, your garage should be ready to use. One of the greatest advantages of a prefab garage is that you can take it with you if you move house as they can be dismantled.