How to Assemble a Queen Metal Bed Frame

A modern bedroom with a queen-size bed and metal frame.
What You'll Need
Metal queen bed frame
Two wrenches
Bolt end caps

It wasn't that long ago that assembling a queen metal bed frame was a major challenge. Now these frames, together with the nuts, bolts, and washers that held everything in place and seemed to require a team of engineers to put the frame together, are all gone. Most frame parts now are designed to simply slip together and lock in place. Some of the newer frames even include a center rail for added support. Still, despite the simplicity, you will need to know how to fit the pieces together. The following information will help you with this.

Step 1 – Preparing to Assemble

Your bed will be much more difficult to move once it is assembled, so now will be the best time to arrange its position. Decide on which wall you will want your headboard located. Then, lay out the two side rails in the position they will be when the bed is assembled. Into each of these rails insert the legs. If this is the first time you've assembled this frame, you will also need to attach its casters by sliding the caster ends into the legs. You may have to tap them slightly with a hammer to snap them into place.

Step 2 – Attach Top and Bottom Rails

The arms of the top and bottom rails will most likely be folded into one piece for the top rail and another for the bottom rail. Pull these arms out until they are each positioned 90 degrees from the side rails. Locate the slots into which you will be inserting the arms, and determine by measuring which of these slots you should use for your box springs to fit properly on the frame. Then, into the slots you've chosen, lock the side arm ends.

Step 3 – Attach the Center Bar

Halfway down each side rail you'll find a hole. On each end of the center bar you'll find a hole of similar size. Align the hole at each end of the center bar with the hole in the appropriate side bar, and insert into one of these holes the bolt that will hold the side rail and the center bar end together. Slide on a washer, then screw on the nut. Do the same with the opposite end of the center bar, and use your wrenches to tighten the nuts on the appropriate bolts. When you've finished, each end of the center bar should be attached solidly to the middle hole of each side rail. Fit an end cap over each end of the frame to keep dust ruffles and bedding from snagging on these end pieces.

Step 4 – Attach Headboard and Footboard

At each end of the headboard you'll find two bolt holes. Line up these holes with the holes in the end of one of the side rails. Insert bolts through these holes, then add washers, and finally screw on and tighten the nuts with a wrench. Do the same at the opposite end of the headboard. When these nuts and bolts are tight, use this same procedure to attach the footboard.

Your metal bed frame is complete! Set your box spring in the frame and your mattress on top and the bed is complete.