How To Assemble Floor Fans

Assembling floor fans is quite a simple task since putting it together needs little or no tools at all. Typically, floor fans are comprised of only 4 parts: the fan itself, the rod, the base and the switch. Assembling these pieces is simple with these tips.

The Fan

The fan’s main body consists of the blades and the motor. The size of the blades depend on the fan size but usually fans consist of three rotating, metal blades that are encased in a grill.

The Rod

This is the part which connects the fan to the base. Depending on the model of floor fan, it will either snap into place or else require screws to connect it to each of the other 2 parts. Screws will be provided and you can simply screw them into the appropriate holes as will be diagrammed in the instructions.

The Base

If the rod is not already connected to the base, you should either snap it into position or else screw it there depending on your model of fan. As previously noted, instructions should be provided which are specific to your fan.

The Switch

The control switch may be located on top of the fan's head (in which case it will require no assembly at all) or will rest on the floor and must be connected to the base. If the latter, it should be a simple matter to plug the switch into the appropriate hole.

Depending on the type of floor fan you purchase, assembly will vary. However, assembling a floor fan is basically the same for every model and can be done by almost anyone.