How to Assemble Murphy Beds

More and more people are using Murphy beds these days. Murphy beds can help solve accommodation problems. These beds can be simply and easily set up to create a sleeping space for guests. Murphy beds or folding wall beds are temporary beds that are strong enough to function just like real room beds. They can be stored conveniently and then pivot down when a need for a bed arises. Because of the popularity of Murphy beds these days, finding a dealer won’t be hard. Most Murphy beds can be personally installed. For houses and spaces with square foot limitations, these beds are the ideal option. Particularly for workplaces, dormitories and small apartments. Throughout the years, manufacturers were able to incorporate other features such as office components, storage and even small compartments.

Murphy Bed Installation

Murphy bed kits are devised for personal installation. Thus, consumers need not worry about getting professional help when installing this kind of bed. All kits come with a set of instructions and manual about the installation procedures. In order to properly install the beds, the following materials are needed:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers
  • Murphy bed installation kit

Step 1: Area Preparation

Before installing the Murphy bed/s it is necessary to identify the area where the bed/s will be installed. The bed cabinet goes with the wall studs. Using a stud finder, locate where the studs are in the space. Mark the location of the studs for future reference. The area should be clear from any large or any furniture at all. The bed flips up and down so it’s necessary to make sure that there are obstacles along its path. The baseboard trim should be removed. This makes sure that the cabinet can sit flush by the wall. The baseboard may be customized later on. Depending on one’s preferences it can be trimmed to fit the set up.

Step 2: Cabinet Preparation and Construction

Prepare the cabinet where the Murphy bed will be kept. There are kits complete with parts for the cabinet construction, some do not. For convenience it’s best to get a kit complete with all the cabinet components. For those who choose to buy a kit with cabinet component, the setup is similar to modular furniture. If the kit does not have cabinet components, the cabinet should be built accordingly. There are many resources on how to build a cabinet. The Murphy bed kit usually has information about the measures and dimensions of the cabinet so it won’t be that hard. The bed lifting mechanism should be prepared as indicated in the instructions or the manual.

Bed lifting mechanism preparation includes installation of metal mounting plates to the cabinet. Springs should also be fastened to the mounting plates. There are two options for the springs: gas spring cylinders or traditional metal springs. The cabinet can be installed to the wall.

Step 3: Bed Panel Preparation

The bed panel and the mattress should be attached together. The gap and placement of the bed should be checked on all sides. This is to make sure that the Murphy bed was attached properly. Once this step is complete, the Murphy bed should be assembled.