How to Assemble PVC Deck Railing Planters How to Assemble PVC Deck Railing Planters

What You'll Need
PVC planters
Box straps

Assembling PVC deck railing planters is an easy task and depending on the sizes and number of your planters, you can do this task in a matter of minutes. Some types of PVC planters are held together by screws while others are designed with grooves and built in clips that you simply slip into place. To assemble PVC deck railing planters, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Get the Materials Ready

Take out the deck railing planter materials from its box and set them near your railings. Check the manual that comes with your PVC planter kit and see if all the materials described in the manual are there.

Step 2 – Assemble the Planter

If your planter has groves and clips, all you need to do is slide the pieces one by one into their proper places.  On the other hand, if your planter comes with screws, you will need to screw in the parts together following the product manual.

Step 3 – Mount the Planter

After sliding or screwing the pieces of the planter together, you will need to mount the planter on your railing. If you planter is designed to hang on the railing, you will need to thread the box straps on the strap holes located on the side of the planter then wrap the straps onto your railing.


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